Find Cheap Hotels Near London

Visitors to the city of London know that there are many things that make a hotel or accommodation a great place to stay. Hotels near London may be the best things that most people can afford because hotels in London have for decades now priced their rooms and suites out of the reach of most people who visit the city for business and pleasure.The problem with the hotels that are not actually in the city are manifold but lets start with the biggest one that you will realise about your hotel before you even reach it for the first time. Location and more importantly distance. Cheap or even fairly priced hotels in London have never before actually been in London city proper, at least not in what most people consider to be the city. They are always on the outskirts and fringes and you realise how far away they actually are when you first reach the city and realise how long and arduous the trek to your hotel actually is.You will also realise that the money you saved or that you thought you saved when you booked cheap hotel rooms is all frittered away on travel to and from the city to your hotel and the loss of money is compounded by the loss of time which is always doubly precious when on a trip, whether for business or pleasure. Nothing is as frustrating on a vacation or even on a business trip as being stuck in traffic in the same kind of office rush hour as you are back home in your regular life.But there is a better way of doing things, a slew of brand new hotels in the Kensington and Paddington areas that are right in the heart of the city and bang next door to some of the trendiest shopping and fashion districts of the world have now opened for business. Not only do these British Hotels offer rates that are truly reasonable, they also offer additional bonuses like the ability to book rooms on the internet without having to make a payment until you actually get to the hotel. They also throw in other discounts and freebies like an additional discount of up to ten percent when you book online and further freebies like a complimentary full English breakfast. Frequent customers and members of their loyalty programs get even better deals and room rates plus additional pampering in the form of free spa treatments and courtesy pick ups and drops.

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Preparing Your Business For Sale

In an ideal world, business owners should plan for the sale of their business from day one and go through a process of grooming it to achieve optimum value. This means refining the operation so it produces maximum profits, and structuring the business in a way that ownership can be transferred with minimum impact on ongoing operations and profitability. Business owners can adjust costs, increase sales and margins as well as restructure and review other variables in preparation for sale. The timing of putting the business for sale should be planned for when the company is running at peak efficiency with a solid record of profits that are trending upwards.Get the Records StraightSome business owners are very diligent at keeping detailed, up-to-date accounts and records relating to contracts, customers, staff, leases, asset ownership etc. Smaller businesses run in a more entrepreneurial style may not be quite so organised. The first step in preparing your business for sale is to get the books up to date so there is a clear picture of your operation, with supporting facts and projections. In addition to your actual accounts, ask your accountant to prepare a set of normalised accounts to show maximum operating profits. This means adding back any expenses or purchases (sometimes personal) not directly related to the operation of your business. An explanation of any such corrections is often required and you should be prepared to discuss this openly.Eliminate the PerksYou will need to review how unreported cash sales (if any) are managed and any personal items that are paid for by the company such as travel or entertainment. Unravelling personal expenditure from that of the business can make a big difference to the selling price. For example, a $20,000 trip paid for by the company is essentially $20,000 off the bottom line, and could reduce the sale price by four or five times that amount. Review leased and financed assets to see whether they are better converted into fully owned assets.Review Accounting PoliciesAccounting policies vary widely. In some cases, business owners discover that their accounting policies are not the same as those currently adopted by others in their industry. Some accounting policies are tax driven resulting in conservative profit recognition, whereas others are earnings driven, seeking to maximise profit. Changing your accountancy policies to conform to those of your industry may increase the market value of your business.Are you Critical to the Business? A business is more attractive if its success is not solely dependent on the input of the owner in terms of operational know-how, technical skill or personal relationships with clients or suppliers. It is helpful to have a reliable management team to demonstrate that the business will continue to be successful once the owner has left. Most buyers expect the seller to continue working in the business for a period of two to four weeks. Others prefer a longer period, which can be negotiated and included in the Sale and Purchase Agreement. This sometimes occurs when an owner is a critical part of the business. In some cases, a business owner may wish to stay involved in the business indefinitely.Should you Invest in your Business Prior to Sale? When looking at a business, buyers will consider the level of debt and quality of assets, particularly in manufacturing operations. Generally the sensible advice is to continue investing in the business as if you were going to keep running it yourself. Link brokers can provide advice in these and other aspects as part of a structured programme covering both grooming and marketing of the business.Will you Offer Finance?It is not uncommon for a business owner to be asked to leave finance in the business. This can be a good way of helping achieve maximum value for the seller. It gives the purchaser additional confidence in the business, knowing that you will continue to have an interest in maintaining its success.THINGS YOU WILL NEED
Profit and loss accounts for two to four years
A schedule of abnormal and/or non-recurring costs in the accounts
A schedule of all items of personal expenditure and drawings
Brochures or marketing information of your product(s) or service(s)
Historical background on the business
Schedule of plant, equipment and any equipment leases
Copy of franchise agreement (if applicable)
GST Returns for current trading year to date
Stock value estimate within 10-15%
Lease details including rent, term, renewals, outgoings, etc
Staff levels, including part-timers and contractors
Staff employment contracts including EPP clauses
Details on any trademarks, patents, licenses, agencies or intellectual property (IP)
Details of any major strengths and/or commercial advantages
Competitor analysis
SWOT analysis
Business organisational chart
Business plan

The financial information must be current and accurate. If you are selling half way through the year, ask your accountant to prepare half-year accounts.Good luck in preparing your business for sale and look out for more of my articles on the business sale process.

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Automotive Repair Marketing – The Key to a Successful Shop

If you are a business owner and you would like to increase your revenue, it is important for you to understand automotive repair marketing and how this is a key to a successful shop. The automotive industry is said to be one of the most lucrative and stable industries in the business world. Because people from all over the world use autos in their daily life, auto repair businesses are steady and secure.Automotive repair marketing is as easy as changing the oil in your car. Every few months, you are to check your progress, do some maintenance, and give some added boost and fresh ideas to your automotive repair marketing campaign. The public loves fresh ideas.Automotive repair marketing is all about taking action. Therefore, you as the business owner should make sure you use the right automotive repair marketing tools. Here are some of the most effective marketing tools for your auto repair business.1. Direct mail marketing method
One of the most preferred automotive repair marketing tools remains to be the direct mail method. Most auto repair businesses make use of this method by mailing postcards to homeowners in zip codes surrounding their shops. This is an easy way to promote your services to potential clients. However, you will need to mail sufficient quantities to generate a worthwhile response.2. Start a blog or a website
The internet is probably one of the greatest automotive repair marketing tools you can use. Create a blog and spend 10 minutes each day writing interesting anecdotes, maintenance information, tips, advice, or even car reviews. The more you write, the sooner you will be crawled by search engines, and the sooner you will reach a bigger audience which will essentially result in more business.3. Social media marketing
One of the best automotive repair marketing tools revolves around social media. Websites with Facebook and Twitter integration are becoming increasingly popular and more repair shop owners are making use of this tool in order to promote their shops and acquire new clients. If you use social media for your automotive repair marketing, you should know that you are instantly exposed to millions of people. So, guess what happens when Jason needs a new transmission and he sees your business profile on Facebook? Voila! You have a new customer. Even though this may sound a little impossible, but social media could be well worth thousands of dollars to your repair shop.4. The good old word of mouth
This method of automotive marketing is known to be one of the oldest methods of marketing in the business world. However, this is also proven to be one of the most reliable forms of marketing. For example, you started your automotive repair marketing campaign with the direct mail marketing method. Now, because of this, you have just acquired two new clients. If you do a good job, guess what happens? These clients will tell their friends about it, and their friends will tell their friends, eventually forming the perfect marketing campaign you can ask for.5. Press releases
Most business owners tend to give press releases a complete miss, thinking that there is no possible way that a press release could be of any advantage to their automotive repair marketing campaign. Wrong! In fact, press releases are very effective and can be done either online or off-line. With the off-line method, simply write, or have someone put together a press release on a timely topic and send it to your local newspaper. With the online method, do the same and publish it to a press release service. Press releases are usually ranked higher than normal web pages and blog posts. This can never be a bad thing.There are several other automotive repair marketing tools available to you. If you are serious about taking your auto repair shop to the next level and getting more vehicles into your shop, then make sure you give these aforementioned methods of automotive repair marketing a try today.

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